PLEASE NOTE: We now offer a simpler pricing structure based on length hair and time required for service rather than gender. We feel this offers a more minimal and fair structure. Pricing and availability of services listed on the website are always subject to change. If a detailed quote for prices is required, please call our FOH.

We offer a wide range of Spa Services with a personal and caring touch. We use only the most natural and advanced products and techniques, but without losing our focus—making you look and feel Gorgeous!

Salon Menu

Our cuts come in a range of options to best suit your needs and desires. Our prices reflect the individual stylist’s level of expertise, education, and experience. For a quote, please contact our Front of House.

Short Haircut – from $50 – $100
Designed for hair lengths the live above the ears. Includes consultation wash, conditioning and blowout. (45 min)

Mid-Length Haircut – from $55-$115
Designed for hair lengths the live below the chin and above the mid-back. Includes consultation, wash, conditioning and blowout. (60 min)

Long Haircut + Deep Conditioning – from $85 – $140
Designed for hair lengths that live below the mid-back or bra line and allows us the time and space to pamper our long haired beauties. Includes wash, Ritual Treatment of choice and blowout and hot tool finish if desired. (75 min)

Curly Cut + Deep Moisturizing Treatment – from $85-$140
Designed for Wavy, Curly or Coily hair types. Includes consultation, scalp treatment wash, a deep moisturizing treatment and a beautiful finish

Kids (under 13) – from $45-$95
Not available with all stylists.

Bang or Neck Trim – always complimentary
PLEASE NOTE: Available for existing guests only.

Extended Time (15min) – $20 per 15min
If your hair is especially long or thick,or you just need extra time with us, please add this service to ensure we have the time necessary to achieve the best results.

Every color service will be approached to match the needs of the individual and the desired results. This may mean multiple services in some instances. *All Color and Texture services include a complimentary Rejuvenating Shampoo and Deep Conditioning Treatment. Our prices reflect the individual stylist’s level of expertise, education and experience as well as the scope of services needed to achieve the optimum results. For a detailed quote, please contact our Front of House to set up a complimentary consultation. Quotes for color will only be given upon the completion of an in-person consultation with one of our color experts.

All-Over Color – $93-$112
An all-over color applied scalp through to ends of hair. Creates a monotone, shiny, natural effect.

Retouch Color – $83-$88
Color is applied to the new outgrowth only. PLEASE NOTE: This service is available for existing guests only. If you’re new to us, please schedule All-Over Color for your first visit.

Custom Color – $98-$128
A personalized and stylized approach to a base-to-ends color application using a customized palette. PLEASE NOTE: Does not include highlights.

Glaze Color – $88-$98
A deposit-only, ammonia-free translucent color option. Perfect to add shine, tone and conditioning benefits with no damage and minimal maintenance.

Classic Highlights – from $83-$190
with Base Color add $35
with Hair Gloss add $43
Classic highlighting technique used to add highs and lows into the hair adding depth, brightness and contrast. Available in 1 panel, 2 panel or full head depending on the desired impact and results—from subtle to dramatic.

Accent Highlights – from $53-$83
with Base Color add $35
with Hair Gloss add $43
Perfect to add just enough highlights to accent the existing hair color and bring in some contrast, shine and tone. PLEASE NOTE: 12 or less foils.

Hair Painting – from $113-$143
with Base Color add $35
with Hair Gloss add $43
A creative approach to highlighting using hand painting and a personalized eye to detail. Color applied to the surface and around face only. PLEASE NOTE: This is not the same service as Balayage

Balayage Highlights – from $143-$173
with Base Color add $35
with Hair Gloss add $43
The classic French “hair-painting” technique designed to recreate the effect of a natural melt of color from darks to lights with soft transitions, leaving a seamless blend, and a very low maintenance and gorgeous natural result. PLEASE NOTE: Very long or very thick hair will have an extra charge of $15+.

Add-on Hair Gloss – $43
Like lip gloss, but for the hair. Adds shine, tone and conditioning benefits, without the maintenance of permanent color. Recommended to be added to any service, including cuts and blow-dries, but especially highlight and balayage services. High impact, low commitment.

Add-on Blowout – $30
We require all color services to receive a blowout to ensure the optimum results of color, so we are able to guarantee our color services. Blowouts are a separate service simply so they can be scheduled with different members of our team to allow a more convenient scheduling process. PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee color services without a blowout.

Transformational Color – priced hourly upon consultation
Color services which are a dramatic departure from your usual hue, whether ultra natural changes or vivid tones. Transformational Color services are not available for online booking and require a conversation with our Front of House team, and may require a complimentary consultation in order to ensure proper color specialist recommendation, timing and prep. 

Corrective Color – priced hourly upon consultation
Custom designed color services to correct unwanted results- when your hair color just isn’t what you expected or hoped for. Correction addresses unevenness, damage, dull and blotchy results, returning hair to a gorgeous end look. Please call our Front of House team to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our highly trained color specialists to determine the right strategy to achieve your desired look. 

When your hair and scalp need just a little extra Love. Whether for the scalp, to add shine or moisture or to repair stressed locks. Enjoy a Ritual and experience the benefits for weeks to come. PLEASE NOTE: All our rituals are included in our Luxury Cut option.

Scalp Rejuvenation Ritual – $25
Moisturize, improve circulation, remove buildup and improve overall condition of both hair and scalp.

Moisture Infusion Ritual – $25
Provides an instant hydration boost, delivering deep conditioning and restored manageability to tired, dull, moisture-starved strands.

Damage Cure Ritual – $25
Restores lost nutrients, essential proteins and oils, and gives your hair the TLC it needs to shine with health and vitality.

Color Refresh Ritual – $25
Perfect for restoring shine and luster to color-treated hair—remove brassiness, restore rich tones and amp up vibrancy.

We offer a range of options for your styling needs—from an everyday blowout to a customized up-style perfect for events. Allow us to make your style stand out for any occasion. Our prices reflect the individual stylist’s level of expertise, education and experience. For a quote, please contact our Front of House.

Blowout – from $40
Includes wash, condition and beautiful blowout.

Down Style – from $65
Perfect when you need to elevate your look. Includes hot or cool setting, and a fabulous finish.

Up-Style – from $90
When your look needs to reflect the specialness of the day and rises to the occasion. Consultation highly recommended.

Smoothing – from $250

Waves and Curls – from $200

Extension Services – price estimate upon consultation only
You can have your dream hair! Let us show you how. You can add length and/or thickness to your hair with custom matched and expertly blended, human hair extensions. The brands we work with are Bellami Hair and Babe Hair extensions in beaded, tape-in and weft styles. Our extensions are available in a variety of lengths and a multitude colors to match your hair desires, which will be determined during your complimentary initial consultation.

PLEASE NOTE: Requires a complimentary consultation.

Spa Menu

All of our facials are custom built just for you. Choose the amount of time you would like to spend taking care of your skin and our esthetician Megan will formulate the perfect facial for you. Every custom facial includes pore cleansing, exfoliation when appropriate, massage and of course relaxation. No matter what facial you choose you will leave with your skin feeling clean, refreshed and renewed.*** Add any LED, waxing, or lash and brow services to enhance your facial experience.

75 min Custom Facial – $115

90 min Custom Facial – $130

105 min Custom Facial – $145

Elongating Therapeutic Facial Massage – $170

This incredible facial massage (called Buccal massage) involves massaging muscles deep inside the cheek and jaw area to release tension, improve circulation, and promote youthful looking skin. This multi- technique therapeutic massage helps to remove excess lymphatic fluid and relaxes tense facial and neck muscles, resulting in smoother skin, accentuated jaw and cheekbones, and a sculpted and lifted appearance in your face and brow. This facial massage begins with a double cleanse and ends with a LED light therapy session. You will leave feeling energized and your skin will be enlivened and rejuvenated like never before.

**NO RECENT BOTOX, 14 days out; NO RECENT FILLERS, 21 days out.

LED Light Therapy Session 

Available in 10-60 minute sessions – $10-$60

LED light therapy, a non-invasive treatment that can be added to any facial service or can be used on almost any part of the body, penetrates the skin with different wavelengths, triggering skins natural healing process. Light therapy treatments have been proven to help a number of skin issues, including smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, improving the look of scars, reducing inflammation and eliminating acne causing bacteria- creating smoother clearer skin. Sitting under these special lights is relaxing and peaceful without any discomfort or downtime. This incredible technology is beneficial for EVERYONE!

We would love to invite you to enjoy a complimentary skin analysis to determine the best service for your needs and desires.

Date Peel – $120
Add custom facial – $55
All-natural fruit enzymes penetrate and gently remove dry skin, stimulate collagen and elastin production, and bring a healthy glow to the surface of your skin. Good for ALL skin types. (2–4 weeks)

Lactic Peel – $105
Add custom facial – $55
This gentle, effective peel is a great intro to chemical peel treatments! It can help with aging, acne, hyper- and hypo-pigmentation, and the softening of “thick” or keratinized skin. (4–6 weeks)

TCA Peel – $150                                                                                                                              Add custom facial – $55
Glow up! With this peel you will notice a softening of lines and wrinkles, texture is improved and pores look more refined, dark spots are diminished. This is a wonderful way to tighten and tone dull skin. Using this peel on you face and neck as well as your chest and back! You will experience mild to medium peeling with this service and several products will be recommended to be used for aftercare.

Alpha Beta Peel – $125
Add custom facial – $55
This safe and effective peel removes dead skin cells and encourages new, young skin cells to surface faster! Brighten your complexion with no downtime. Good for ALL skin types. It is a perfect pairing with any custom facial. (4–6 weeks)

Jesners Peel – $135
This highly effective peel will help to remove hyper-pigmentation, acne, sun damage and age spots. Your skin will be dramatically smoother, more balanced and clearer! NOT RECOMMENDED paired with any other treatment. (8–10 weeks)

Dermaplane Session – $110
Add custom facial – $55
Completely and painlessly removes vellus hair (peach fuzz) and surface dryness while promoting new cells to surface faster. Experience amazing skincare product absorption and flawless makeup finish! No downtime, high-impact results and nonstop glowing skin! (2–4 weeks)

Hydro Luxx Complete Facial – $170
Add Hydro Jelly Mask – $50
Hydrodermabrasion, oxygen infusion of serums customized for each individual guest includes facial massage and finishing products. Combining relaxation and active products, this resurfacing facial is a glow-brainer!

Luxx Dermaplane Experience Complete Facial – $240
Add Hydro Jelly Mask – $50
Combining Dermaplane with the complete Hydro luxx facial including oxygen infusion will cover all your skin resurfacing needs. No down time with this relaxing combination! Your skin will look younger, pores appear smaller, hyperpigmentation is diminished, skin tone looks bright and even in just one service.

Hydro Luxx Standalone Session – $100
Add Hydro Jelly Mask – $50
Hydrodermabrasion stand-alone treatment. Hydrodermabrasion is the latest and greatest way to remove dead cells from the skin to eliminate dark spots and hyperpigmentation. With less pain and irritation than the traditional diamond-tipped treatment, this new technology uses water and oxygen to effortlessly exfoliate the skin.

Lash Tint – $40
Lash Lift – $75

Lash and Brow Tint – $55

Brow Tint – $20

Brow Wax – $25

Lash Extensions
Into Set – $175 (90 min)
Full Set – $230 (135 Min)

Lash Extension Removal – $40

Lash Touch-Ups
1 Week – $50
2 Weeks – $60
3 Weeks – $75

Facial Waxing

Chin – $25
Lip – $25
Sideburns – $20
Nostril – $20
Neckline – $20
Ears – $20

Combo of 3 – $60
*limited areas apply

Combo of 2 – $45
*limited areas apply

Bikini Waxes:
Classic – $45
French – $60
Brazilian – $70

1/2 Lower or Upper – $45
Full Leg – $70

Toes – $20

Underarms – $30
Lower Arms – $30
Full Arms – $40

Hands – $25

1/2 Back – $45
Full – $75