Salon Policies

We require a valid credit card on file or a 50% deposit for all bookings. You will receive a confirmation email 4 days in advance, and a reminder text 48 hours in advance of each appointment scheduled.

Please confirm all appointments and make any changes as far in advance as possible for ease of rescheduling and out of respect for our service providers time and schedule.

We require all bookings to be confirmed within 24 hrs of appointment time, otherwise your appointment may be cancelled. We are grateful your mindfulness and care.

Your confirmation is an agreement to all terms, conditions, and policies.

Extensive Appointments

Appointments longer than 3 hours, such as spa days, double processes, transformational color, color corrections, and hair extensions require a card on file or a 50% deposit in order to schedule time with us..

A valid card number or a 50% deposit will be collected at the time of booking and we require 72 hours notice to reschedule or cancel.

The total amount will go toward the cost of service and color fee and related fees. However, if our cancellation policy is violated this fee will be forfeited and we will be unable to apply it towards your ticket.

Late/Tardy Policy

We want to assure you that your time is valuable to us! If we are running behind for your scheduled appointment, we will do our best to notify you as far in advance as possible or we’ll find a way to make it up to you! We want to be fair to all.

Punctuality ensures that you will receive the absolute highest quality service for yourself and other guests and allows you to have the outstanding experience that Emerge Modern Salon is known for.

Please let us know if you are going to be late by calling 720-900-3706 as soon as possible, prior to your appointment time. If you are more than 15 minutes late, we may need to reschedule your appointment and this will result in a cancellation fee of up to 100% for the missed service. This helps to cover a portion of the lost income that is a consequence of the last minute cancellation/missed appointment. The fee goes directly to your service provider.

Cancellations & Rescheduling Policy

We are a community environment and operate with a compassionate view. We understand that schedule adjustments are sometimes necessary;


We respectfully require at least :

  • 24 hours notice for hair and waxing services
  • 48 hours notice for esthetic services
  • 72 hours notice for services 3 hours or more 

Notify us at or call 720-900-3706 to reschedule/cancel.

Reschedules/Cancellations with less than the required notice of scheduled service will result in being charged 50% of the amount of services scheduled and no shows will be charged 100% and a deposit of 50% may be required to reschedule.

Esthetic services, lash extension appointments, and all appointments more than 90 minutes require 48 hours notice for reschedules and cancellations to avoid forfeiting deposit.

We know life happens; We are understanding when it comes to emergencies, and we request that sick clients stay home. We equally make every effort to respect your time as our guest, and won’t cancel/reschedule except in completely unavoidable circumstances like sickness or emergencies.

Service Guarantee Policy

At Emerge, we take pride in our craft and have full confidence in the skills of our team, and we stand behind the work that we do. We do all we can do to make sure our guests are happy and satisfied with every experience with us. We insist on an in-depth consultation, we guide towards realistic expectations and strategies and, as a team, we are continuously seeking advanced training. All of this to insure an experience that speaks to our value of excellence of our craft. But, as is true with any creative, dynamic process, there are times when an edit or adjustment may be required. 

Should this be the case, here are our policies for service guarantees. 

•We guarantee our work for up to 2 weeks from the date of original service. Please contact us immediately with any concerns or adjustment requests. We will not offer any adjustments or credits after 2 weeks from original appointment and any service performed after that time frame is subject to normal charges. 

•We do not offer refunds unless we have had ample opportunity to correct our work. While we prefer to be offered the chance to correct our own work, we understand at times this is difficult. If it is requested to not return to  your original service provider, an alternate service provider will be recommended according to expertise and availability. If there is a difference of price point between service providers, an additional fee may be required. We will not offer any return of cost of service, unless and until we have made every effort to make things right for you.

•We do not offer Redo’s for changes of mind. We can understand that sometimes how you hoped it would be isn’t so, and you’d like to try again. However, our service pricing is based on the time and expertise of the service provider and if the work is done well, and it’s what you agreed to at the time of service, it’s yours to keep. We will happily, with no judgement, try something new, however you will be charged for any follow-up services. 

•We do not refund for unforeseen chemical reactions. During your consultation and on our intake form we request that you disclose any and all known allergies. We ask this to evaluate if the products and services requested will be appropriate for your needs. We will do all we can to avoid known offending ingredients. However, we are not doctors, chemists or allergists and therefore cannot be responsible for your body’s reactions to ingredients. Please contact us immediately with any allergic reactions or sensitivities and we will help in any way possible to discover the culprit(s) and avoid known sensitisers, however, we will not refund the cost of service should this unfortunate event occur. 

•All service guarantees are voided if any service has been performed after the original service date. If you have another salon attempt to fix our work, if you decide to attempt to fix it yourself, or if there are any services performed before we have had an opportunity to evaluate the original work, all guarantees will be forfeited.


COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

•Please remember that these requirements are being implemented for your safety, as well as for the safety of our team and other guests.

•We will follow the current guidance and recommendations of our City, State, and Federal Public Health Departments. Policies subject to change with the changing circumstances. Please stay updated through our public pages and through email communications. Please check your inbox for latest information.

•Guests may be required to wear a mask with ear loops at any time.  (If needed, masks will be provided at time of check-in).

If you are experiencing any illness-related symptoms, your appointment will be canceled.

•No pets, please.

•Please be kind.

•We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.